Saturday, 28 May 2011

Swartkops Air Show 2011

Hi everyone, welcome to my very first post.

I'm going to start off with a collection of photos from the Swatkops Air Show on Saturday 21 May 2011.  It was the first air show that I have shot and it was tremendous fun.  I should probably have researched plane photography a little more thoroughly before I went but over all I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Next time (probably at the Wonderboom Air Show in October) I'll try to get a little more prop blur.

For this shoot I used my 350D and 100-400L, hand held and pointed at the sky.  I used aperture priority mode, set to f/8 where my lens is sharpest, shutter speeds were between 1/640 and 1/1250 for the most part.  I was quite impressed with how well the camera tracked the planes and kept them in focus, even when I didn't hold them in the center of the frame.

I kept the post production relatively simple for the most part, just tweaking exposure, contrast and colour, but the two scatter photos have been quite heavily modified to give an old fashioned look, which I think is quite effective.

The complete album can be found here.

Gabriel Wings Soloist
 SAA Harvards
Silver Falcons - Scatter 1
 Silver Falcons - Scatter 2
 Vampire in the Sunset
I hope that you enjoy my blog, please drop me a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. You have some awesome shots here Bev! My dad would be interested in these shots, especially of the Harvards - they're one of his favourite planes.

  2. Hey Bev,

    Very nice! Love the Vampire. I look forward to more posts.